You’re Not Crazy – Egg Prices Really Have Skyrocketed. Here’s Why

A picture taken in a the poultry farm in Hesbaye region near Namur on August 12, 2017 shows eggs being packed.
A scandal involving eggs contaminated with insecticide spread to 15 EU countries, Switzerland and as far away as Hong Kong as the European Commission called for a special meeting on the growing crisis. / AFP PHOTO / JOHN THYS        (Photo credit should read JOHN THYS/AFP via Getty Images)

At a glance

  • Americans love eggs – they’re eating more eggs than ever – but they don’t love the recent price spike.
  • The price of eggs shot up 60% in December from the previous year, according to CBS News. An ongoing avian flu epidemic has meant some 58 million birds have been infected and need to be killed, limiting the source of eggs nationally while we wait for new hens to hatch.
  • Some major grocery store chains such as Harris Teeter have limited the number of egg purchases online to deal with the price hikes and shortage of supply, according to WRAL.

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