Would-Be Arsonists Try To Set California Small Business On Fire, End Up Igniting Themselves

TOPSHOT - Protesters stand behind flames during clashes following a demonstration of members of the Kurdish community, a day after a gunman opened fire at a Kurdish cultural centre killing three people, at The Place de la Republique in Paris on December 24, 2022. - The shots at the centre and a nearby hairdressing salon shortly before midday caused panic in the trendy 10th district of the French capital, a bustling area of shops and restaurants that is home to a large Kurdish population. The 69-year-old white French gunman told investigators he was racist, a source close to the case said. (Photo by JULIEN DE ROSA / AFP) (Photo by JULIEN DE ROSA/AFP via Getty Images)

At a glance

  • The first suspect scrambles away with flames lapping his right leg; the second one tries to get away, but slips and falls on the sidewalk. He gets up and immediately falls again.
  • The flames catch the right arm of his hoodie. He screams audibly as he runs away with his sleeve on fire.
  • A second angle showed that the flames caught on the second man’s shirt tail and lit his back on fire as well.

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