Whoopi Loses It Over Elon Musk


At a glance

  • “It has been a little over a week since Elon Musk took over Twitter, and the place is a — it’s a mess,” Goldberg began, noting that Musk had already called back some of the workers he fired just last week.
  • “He’s putting his $8 charge for blue-check verification on hold. First it was going to be $20, now it’s going to be $8. He also suspended Kathy Griffin for impersonating him on a parody account,” Goldberg said, despite the fact that Griffin had changed the name and photo on her official, verified account — which was not labeled a parody — to Musk prior to the suspension.
  • “I’m getting off, I’m getting off today,” Goldberg continued, complaining that “certain kinds of attitudes” that had been blocked in the past were back on the platform.

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