‘What Black Americans Need Is To Build Wealth. All Democrats Offer Are Handouts’

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaks during a press conference at the COP27 convention complex in Egypt's Red Sea resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh, on November 11, 2022. (Photo by JOSEPH EID / AFP) (Photo by JOSEPH EID/AFP via Getty Images)

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  • Black voters are getting tired of politics as usual. We need real solutions to pressing problems like income inequality and violent crime, not meaningless posturing and policies designed solely to assuage white guilt.
  • In the 2018 midterm elections, Republicans received just 8 percent of the Black vote, consistent with historical patterns and identical to President Trump’s share of the Black vote in both 2016 and 2020. In 2022, however, 14 percent of Black voters cast their ballots for Republican candidates—a 75 percent shift in just two years.
  • It’s likely that Donald Trump’s absence from the ballot drove some of this shift. But it’s also true that Democrats received a smaller share of the Black vote in 2022 than they have in decades.

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