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Wendy’s E. Coli illnesses Top 75 as Lawsuits Against Fast-Food Giant Roll In

Wendy's Posts Weaker-Than-Expected Revenue As Recession Curbs Spending

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Fast-food chain Wendy’s faces multiple lawsuits as the number of illnesses potentially related to its restaurants in the Midwest reached 75.

The agency has not confirmed the outbreak’s source but reported people falling ill after eating romaine lettuce on sandwiches from Wendy’s.

MDHHS Associate Public Information Officer Chelsea With said, “The 53 count has had genome sequencing to confirm they are linked to this outbreak, while it is highly likely that most of the other cases are linked, but not all have undergone genome sequencing.”

In response to the outbreak, Wendy’s announced that it would remove the greens from items in “certain Midwestern states.”



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