TSA Extends COVID Vax Deadline For Non-Citizens Into 2023

A Transportation Security Administration employee stands at a booth to learn about a food stamp program at a food drive at Newark Liberty International Airport, Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2019, in Newark, N.J. TSA employees each received a box of non perishables and a bag of produce to help them during the shutdown. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

At a glance

  • “On October 25, 2021, the President issued a Proclamation, Advancing the Safe Resumption of Global Travel During the COVID-19 Pandemic, to move away from the country-by-country restrictions previously applied during the still ongoing COVID-19 pandemic1 and to adopt an air travel policy that relies primarily on vaccination as an added tool to the current multi-layered strategy to advance the safe resumption of international air travel to the United States,” TSA writes.
  • The directive says that the move is intended to protect American citizens.
  • “Together with the Presidential Proclamation and the CDC Order, these policies are intended to limit the risk that COVID-19, including variants of the virus that causes COVID-19, is introduced, transmitted, and spread into and throughout the United States, potentially overwhelming United States healthcare and public health resources, endangering the health and safety of the American people, and threatening the security of our civil aviation system,” TSA continues.

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