Transgender Republican Sworn Into Office In New Jersey

Belgium, Brussels, 19 May 2013. Two dressed up gay men pose in the streets of Brussels. About 80,000 participants at the Belgian Pride Parade to celebrate the LGBT

At a glance

  • From Florida’s notorious “don’t say gay” law to bathroom bans to the controversy over new sex ed standards in New Jersey schools, Jennifer Williams has felt a mounting alarm at policies and proselytism that demonize the transgender community.
  • So last year, the lifelong Trentonian followed the advice of a slogan she saw on a t-shirt supporting the Victory Fund, which helps put LGBTQ candidates in public office: “Don’t get mad. Get elected.”
  • “If you want representation, you need to be in the room, you need to be part of the discussion, and you need to be part of the decision, more than being a citizen who votes and a citizen who advocates,” Williams said.

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