Trans Criminal Sentenced For Crimes Committed As Both Genders

Is this what they want to call 'equality?'
Students at McLean High School in McLean, Va., walk out of classes Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2022.  Student activists held school walkouts across Virginia on Tuesday to protest Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin's proposed changes to the state's guidance on district policies for transgender students that would roll back some accommodations.  (AP Photo/Matthew Barakat)

At a glance

  • A trans Scotland woman named “Alannah Morgan” was sentenced to a 90-day “Restriction Of Liberty” order for multiple offenses committed while living as a woman, and under previous male identity Adam.
  • The offenses include public urination and indecent public exposure.
  • While the Sheriff concluded that the offenses were worthy of prison time, he backed off amid defense arguments that Morgan was “fearful” of what would happen in prison.

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