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Today’s News Minute | September 19, 2022

Off The Press | Today's News Minute September 19, 2022

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President Biden, off to London for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral on Monday, left behind a taped interview with “60 Minutes” that turned out to be a complete disaster. He said 8.3% inflation isn’t that bad, declared the COVID-19 pandemic over (even though just a few weeks ago he was using it to demand billions more in spending) and said the U.S. would go to war with China if it invaded Taiwan. Read about how the White House scrambled to clean up the mess.

The brouhaha in Massachusetts continued over the weekend in the ongoing saga of illegal aliens sent there by Ron DeSantis. The Florida governor over the weekend doubled down on his move, saying: These are just the beginning efforts. There’s going to be a lot more that’s happening.

And in the news of the weird category, Miami Beach is considering enacting a bounty for iguanas delivered “dead or alive.” Find out how much the city is going to pay out to get rid of the pesky lizards.

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