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Today’s News Minute | September 14, 2022

Off The Press | Today's News Minute September 14, 2022

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Finally, the primary season is over and Election Day is less than two months away. In New Hampshire last night, there were surprises with MAGA candidates running for House and Senate seats in a sweep. The state, however, is not very Trumpy and now Republicans are worried of a Democratic sweep in November.

Just the News’ John Solomon has two blockbusters, one about the FBI paying a scandalous Trump informant and the other about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blowing off police warnings of problems on January 6. We’ve got both of those up.

Lobbyists typically flood into the offices of the vice president hoping to influence the West Wing. But not Kamala Harris’ office, and some think it’s because she’s a lightweight.

And PETA is offering a Halloween costume. But it’s not the soft and fuzzy kind. It’s a ghoulish mockery of COVID Dr. Anthony Fauci and his endorsement of tests on beagles. We’ve got the link.

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MAGA Sweep In NH

New Durham Bombshell: FBI Paid Russian Dossier Informant

Capitol Police Blows Whistle On Pelosi’s Jan. 6 ‘Intelligence Failures’

VP Harris So Weak, Uninfluential, That Even Lobbyists Ignore Her

PETA Mocks Fauci, Offers Halloween Dog Torture Costume

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