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Today’s News Minute | September 1, 2022

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Off The Press | Today’s News Minute September 1, 2022

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In Florida today, we’ll be watching the fight between the Justice Department and Team Trump over the former president’s demand for a special master to handle the FBI’s raid at Mar-a-Lago. Check in throughout the day for updates.

Up in Alaska, Sarah Palin lost her comeback bid in that strange election to fill a vacant House seat. But look for her to try another time in the fall elections.

If it’s been a while since you got a pay raise, then maybe you should try to land a job with Uncle Sam. Because President Biden has announced pay hikes of nearly 5%, and even more in urban areas.

And if this isn’t a clear sign that inflation has hit, nothing is. Sam’s Club is raising its annual fee to $50. It’s just $5 more, and they are still cheaper than Costco, but that’s not a good sign for Middle America shoppers. We have all the details.

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Palin Looses Bid For House Seat In Alaska Special Election

Your Tax $$ At Work: Biden Giving 4.6% Raise Plan To Feds in 2023

Sam’s Club Raising Annual Fee For First Time In 9 Years

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