Today’s News Minute | November 16, 2022

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At a glance

Just like that, the 2024 presidential race is on. Former President Donald Trump, as expected, announced his campaign from his Mar-A-Lago headquarters last night in a speech that sounded a lot like his rallies. Joe Biden’s reaction was a muted meh.

For now, the bigger news remains the economy and it appears that a rail strike is looming. Chemical makers, which rely on rail, said the economy could be hit to the tune of $160 billion a month.

President Biden is again asking taxpayers to pony up a ton of money for Ukraine. This time the price tag is $38 billion. We expect America Firsters to fight that in Congress.

And if you like late night TV, you already know that it’s a liberal showcase. But you can’t help but be shocked by the lack of conservative voices uncovered in a new report.

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