Today’s News Minute | January 18, 2023

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Up first is the Biden documents scandal and the Biden Penn Center where they were first discovered. You’ve heard that China dumped $61 million into the University of Pennsylvania that houses Biden’s think tank. Well since his election, they’ve poured another $14 million in. What are they getting in return?

C-PAC chief Matt Schlapp is pushing back against sex charges. The father of five girls said in a new statement that the anonymous charge is being pushed by liberal media opposed to him and former President Trump.

The world is grieving after a helicopter crash by a Kiev kindergarten killed Ukraine’s interior minister and over a dozen children.

And add Fox’s Geraldo Rivera to the list of gun grabbers. He wants the AR-15 banned, but he doesn’t even know what ‘AR’ stands for.

Since Biden’s Election, China Has ‘Poured’ Money Into UPenn ‘Think Tank’

UPenn-Biden Scandal Grows

Top Ukraine Officials, Children Killed In Helicopter Crash At Kindergarten

Fox’s Geraldo Rivera Want’s AR-15 Ban But Doesn’t Know What Gun Is

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