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Today’s News Minute | August 25, 2022

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Reactions are rolling in to President Biden’s plan to provide partial bailouts to those still choking on old student loans. But instead of universal support, many Americans are hot and think the plan is inflationary and just wrong.

And you won’t believe how much it’s going to cost. Homeland Security has finally rewritten its DACA policy and it looks like the administration plans to open the doors to some type of amnesty for even more than the 800,000 so-called migrant ‘dreamers’ in the program already.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul is trying to get his DUI conviction behind him and has put his wrecked Porsche up for sale. We’ve got the photos.

And who is smarter, Hillary Clinton or Kim Kardashian? In a legal trivia contest, one beat the other 11-4. See who it was. For stories like these — and more updates all day long from your favorite news outlets — go to OFFTHEPRESS.COM.

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