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21 Years After 9/11, U.S. Backtracks In War On Terror

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  • Twenty-one years after the most deadly terror attacks on U.S. soil, the federal government has begun to backtrack in the war on terror, according to numerous security and military experts.
  • These experts point to the illegal migrants walking across the southern border – some of whom have known terrorist ties – and the fact that Afghanistan once again is a safe haven from which terror groups can launch attacks.
  • Some terrorism experts say the Biden Administration has lost focus on the real terrorism threat.
  • “You would think that the only threats to the Homeland today are either white supremacists or MAGA Republicans that the President talked about,” said Chad Wolf, former acting Homeland Security Secretary. “They don’t talk about the foreign terrorist organizations. They don’t talk about ISIS and al Qaeda in Iran, in China and all these adversaries that we have across the world that want to do harm to Americans every single day.”

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