Thousands Protest In Israel Over Netanyahu Government

Tens of thousands protested in Israel this weekend  over the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's plan to make changes to the country's Supreme Court and other democratic institutions.
Israeli border police officers prevent protesters from blocking a highway during a rally against the government's plans to overhaul the country's legal system, in Tel Aviv, Israel, Saturday, Jan. 14, 2023. Tens of thousands of Israelis have gathered in central Tel Aviv to protest plans by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's new government to overhaul the country's legal system and weaken the Supreme Court. (AP Photo/Oded Balilty)

At a glance

  • The plan was announced less than two weeks after Netanyahu’s conservative government took office.
  • As many as 80,000 people protested in Tel Aviv, and thousands of others rallied outside president’s residence in Jerusalem.
  • Marches were also held in other cities across Israel, including in the northern city of Haifa.
  • The government’s plan calls for limit the Supreme Court’s authority to review laws and strike them down.

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