SPOOKY: Top 5 Scary Movies Of All Time, According To Experts

Scary portrait of young possesed woman in dark hospital room. Halloween.

At a glance

  1. Horror is a particular genre. It’s not just a creeping fear, rather an adrenaline rush of pure shock, excitement, and terror. It’s why scary movies for many people are the ultimate source for fun.
  2. While there’s no better time than Halloween to give yourself a fright, we have to ask ourselves– why do we enjoy something that would cause such apparent discomfort?
  3. recent study indicates that fear has a “sweet spot” that can actually cause pleasure for humans. Researchers from Aarhus University say it’s been long suspected that a physiological arousal plays a role in why people find horror movies and haunted houses so appealing.
  4. This arousal would include a quickening pulse and a release of hormones in the frightened person’s brain.

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