Russia Now Executing Ukraine Officials With Sledghammers

Vladimir Putin gives a speech

At a glance

  • The ISIS-style video shows a man with his head tied to a block of cement. Yevgeny Nuzhin explains that he is a former prisoner recruited into the Wagner Group who decided after being captured in Ukraine in September that he would “fight against the Russians.”
  • Then, in October, he was abducted in Kyiv.
  • “I got hit over the head and lost consciousness and came around in this cellar,” Nuzhin says.
  • “They told me I was to be tried.” And those are his last words: Behind him, a man in camouflage clothing smashes a sledgehammer into Nuzhin’s neck and head, causing Nuzhin to collapse to the floor.
  • The executioner then slams another blow onto his head.

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