Rubio Sides With Unions In Labor Dispute Threatening Rail Strike

Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio announced Tuesday that he will oppose legislation forcing unions and railroad companies into a collective bargaining agreement.
Sen. Marco Rubio

At a glance

  • Four railway workers unions rejected in member-wide votes a collective bargaining agreement negotiated by the Biden administration, union leadership and the railways.
  • If the unions and railways do not come to an agreement by Dec. 8, the unions will strike.
  • President Biden has called on Congress to pass legislation forcing the unions into the agreement, which the legislative branch can do under the Railway Labor Act.
  • “Just because Congress has the authority to impose a heavy-handed solution does not mean we should. It is wrong for the Biden Administration, which has failed to fight for workers, to ask Congress to impose a deal the workers themselves have rejected,” Rubio said.
  • The House is set to vote Wednesday on the matter.

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