Pro-Pediatric Gender Transition Doc Gets Slammed By Medical Professionals For ‘False Claims’

Belgium, Brussels, 19 May 2013. Two dressed up gay men pose in the streets of Brussels. About 80,000 participants at the Belgian Pride Parade to celebrate the LGBT

At a glance

  • “Last week, child and adolescent physician Dr. McNamara pledged in front of Florida’s Medical Board to provide a ‘truthful account’ of pediatric gender medicine,” said SEGM in a tweet thread on Tuesday.
  • “She then falsely claimed that a key evidence report the Board relied on was invalid, as it was written by a ‘dentist.’”
  • McNamara, who treats patients aged 11-25 at Yale School of Medicine and is a frequent promoter of so-called “gender-affirming care” for “gender-diverse youth,” attempted to discredit a key evidence report during her testimony by insisting the lead author was “a dentist” and therefore unqualified.

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