Principal’s Email Honoring Islamic Heritage Month Stamped With ISIS Flag

Islamic State/Iraq/Syria: A masked Islamic State soldier poses holding the ISIL banner somewhere in the deserts of Iraq or Syria. ISIL publicity image, 2015. (Photo by: Pictures from History/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

At a glance

  • Parents in a Canadian school district want to know why a principal issued an e-mail stamped with the widely recognizable ISIS flag.
  • Principal Darlene Jones allegedly copied and pasted an image of the terrorist group’s flag onto an e-mail meant to celebrate the commencement of Somali Heritage and Islamic Heritage month at Dr. Rita Cox – Kina Minogok Public School in downtown Toronto, CTV News reported. The announcement was sent out to approximately 700 families, according to the report.
  • “If within an inner-city school we can have something like the ISIS flag sent out for Islamic Heritage month, what else (inside the school) is happening?” parent May Woo reportedly asked.
  • Jones apologized in a follow-up email “to all who were harmed by the image.”

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