Pentagon: China Blitzed Past U.S. Estimates, Could Have 1,000 Nukes By 2030

Joe Biden

At a glance

  • “In 2020, the DoD estimated China’s operational nuclear warhead stockpile was in the low-200s and expected to at least double by 2030. However, Beijing probably accelerated its nuclear expansion, and DoD estimates this stockpile has now surpassed 400 operational nuclear warheads,” the report states.
  • “By 2030, DoD estimates that the PRC will have about 1,000 operational nuclear warheads, most of which will be fielded on systems capable of ranging the continental United States,” it continued.
  • The Pentagon estimates that by 2035, China’s People’s Liberation Army could have as many as 1,500 operational nuclear warheads at its disposal.

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