OR School District Goes Virtual, Ducks Parents Outraged About LGBTQ+ Content

Sign for inclusive restroom, with symbol indicating male, female and transgender as well as handicapped symbol, part of LGBT rights initiatives in the Mission District neighborhood of San Francisco, California, July 18, 2019. (Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images)

At a glance

  • Parents in Oregon’s North Clackamas School District are outraged over a board’s decision to go virtual amid community outrage over LGBTQ+ content taught in area schools and substandard academic performance indicated by a Department of Education report.
  • The board’s move follows an October meeting in which parents complained about the curriculum and argued that the district is working to keep parents in the dark, according to KATV in Arkansas.
  • “This district and the way it runs is a complete dumpster fire,” one father said during the meeting, according to the outlet. “Stop gaslighting us in your little newsletters saying everything is okay.”

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