Once Confident Gingrich Sees 2024 Doom

At a glance

  • I am worried about the potential for 2024 to become 1964, when Republican Barry Goldwater was annihilated by Lyndon B. Johnson. I lived through 1964, and I saw how badly a bitterly split party can devour itself.
  • The Republican presidential defeat in 1964 was so divisive it pulled down GOP congressional candidates, governors, and state legislators. It took years to recover (in the U.S. House, we did not fully recover until the 1994 Contract with America campaign).
  • If Republicans are unlucky enough (and after the failures of the 2022 election there is no reason to believe Republicans will be lucky two years from now), then the Donald Trump faction will refuse to back any nominee other than Trump, and the anti-Trump faction will refuse to support Trump if he is the nominee.

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