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NYPD Widow Hits ‘Woke’ CEOs Over ‘Pro-Cop-Killing’ Groups

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  • Dominique Luzuriaga Rivera is the widow of fallen NYPD Detective Jason Rivera.
  • In op-end, she writes, “Coca-Cola, Comcast/NBC, Gatorade, Levi’s, Microsoft, Nike, Papa Johns, PayPal, Peloton, and Target—all have given financial or rhetorical support to the BLMGNF and other radical cop-hating groups. Their support of these groups makes them complicit in the attacks being carried out against police officers in New York and all over the country.”
  • Adds, “There are better ways for companies to virtue signal. We should not be promoting violence against anyone. We should be working to heal our divisions, not inflame them. Everyone has a role to play, including the leaders of wealthy, influential corporations.”

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