North Carolina Woman’s Death On Mexico Vacation Investigated As Homicide

Death previously attributed to alcohol poisoning
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At a glance

  • The death of a North Carolina woman, which was believed to have been caused by alcohol poisoning, is now being investigated by Mexican authorities as a homicide.
  • A video emerged on social media that appeared to show 25-year-old Shanquella Robinson being beaten by a woman.
  • The people in the video were identified by Robinson’s mother as her daughter’s friends.
  • The death certificate did not mention alcohol and noted that the cause of death was the result of “severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation” in addition to the instability of the first two neck vertebrae.
  • The FBI’s Charlotte Field Office said in a statement, “The FBI Charlotte Field Office has opened an investigation in the death of Charlotte resident, Shanquella Robinson in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on or about October 29, 2022.”

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