No Biggie: CNN Reporter Says Classified Docs Mishandled ‘Every Day’


At a glance

  • Classified government files are mishandled “every day,” and in many instances it’s “completely accidental,” according to a CNN reporter Thursday.
  • “This kind of classified spillage happens almost every day, and most of the time it’s completely accidental. An employee accidentally takes home a document in a briefcase,” reporter Katie Bo Lillis told “CNN This Morning” host Kaitlan Collins. “One example we were told, the employee found a classified document that had been accidentally attached to an unclassified travel itinerary. He slept with it under his pillow for a night, returned it the next day and that was that.”
  • That’s odd. CNN seemed to think it was a big deal when classified files were found at former President Trump’s home.
  • Now that it’s happened to President Biden, it’s apparently no big deal.

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