NFL Network Lambasted After Cutting To Commercial During Franco Harris Tribute

Phoebe Haines sings the US national anthem before an NFL match between Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium in London, Sunday, Oct. 2, 2022. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)

At a glance

  • Dozens of NFL fans and commentators took to social media to voice their displeasure with the football network’s badly timed commercial break.
  • “I think @nflnetwork should issue an apology to everyone watching the Steelers game,” Pittsburgh-area sports reporter and anchor Emily Giangreco tweeted.
  • “To go to commercial and not show the video montage of Franco Harris’ jersey retirement is insanely disrespectful. Even if it was a mistake, you should have immediately dumped out of the break.”

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