MTG Set To Get ‘A Lot Of Power And A Lot Of Leeway’ – Or Else

WARREN, MI - OCTOBER 01: Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) waves to the crowd during a Save America rally on October 1, 2022 in Warren, Michigan. Trump has endorsed Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon, Secretary of State candidate Kristina Karamo, Attorney General candidate Matthew DePerno, and Republican businessman John James ahead of the November midterm election. (Photo by Emily Elconin/Getty Images)

At a glance

  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) warned the base will be “unhappy” if House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) fails to give her power should Republicans recapture the House.
  • Greene, who has been stripped of her committee assignments for her past rhetoric, is hopeful that McCarthy, who is lined up to become the next speaker, will grant her “a lot of power and a lot of leeway.” She also said he will have little choice but to be “a lot more aggressive” in countering Democrats’ efforts on the policy front.
  • “I think that to be the best speaker of the House and to please the base, he’s going to give me a lot of power and a lot of leeway,” Greene told the New York Times. “And if he doesn’t, they’re going to be very unhappy about it. I think that’s the best way to read that. And that’s not in any way a threat at all. I just think that’s reality.”

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