Marijuana Use Surging Among Young Adults

Significant portion of young adults use cannabis at least on occasion
BERLIN, GERMANY - AUGUST 13: An participant smokes as activists demonstrating for the legalisation of marijuana march in the annual Hemp Parade (Hanfparade) on August 13, 2022 in Berlin, Germany. So far owning, cultivating and selling cannabis in Germany is still illegal, though the current coalition government campaigned on cannabis legalisation and is scheduled to begin debating corresponding legislation in coming months. (Photo by Carsten Koall/Getty Images)

At a glance

  • Across America, more than two-fifths of young adults use cannabis at least occasionally.
  • The rise in cannabis usage is largely driven by young women who have nearly closed the gender gap in marijuana use.
  • In 2021, 49 percent of adult reported having tried marijuana in their lifetimes – the highest number in 50 years of Gallup polling.

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