Looked Frail At Golden Globes: ‘I’m Gonna’ Grab Your Arm’

Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of rock 'n' roll icon Elvis Presley, mingles with fans and signs autographs outside her father's Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee on August 17, 2012, a day after the 35th anniversary of his death.  She earlier appeared with her mother Priscilla Presley for a half-hour at Graceland to field questions about her late father, her life and her career as a singer-songwriter -- the first time she has ever done so during Elvis Week.      AFP PHOTO / CAROLINE GROUSSAIN        (Photo credit should read CAROLINE GROUSSAIN/AFP/GettyImages)

At a glance

  • On Tuesday, Lisa Marie was seen leaning on her friend, 80-year-old talent manager Jerry Schilling, for support during a Golden Globes red carpet interview with Extra TV.
  • As she responds to the questions from “Extra” host Billy Bush, she links arms with Schilling, telling him, “I’m gonna grab your arm.” She went on to discuss the weather in California and Austin Butler’s role in “Elvis.”
  • During the interview, Presley compared Butler to her late father, telling Extra, “It’s kind of done in sort of a funny, joking way, the way [Elvis] spoke, but Austin actually got it and did it perfectly without making it comical.”

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