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Liz Cheney Epitomizes Never Trumpers’ Betrayal Of Our Nation


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  • Liz Cheney is being treated “like a heroine by the leftist corporate media that demonized her father and family for decades,” Tobin said
  • “The Never Trump turncoat not only became a key leader of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s McCarthyite show trial of Donald Trump under the guise of investigating the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol Riot, but has also been <a href=" as that sham’s ranking member," he said
  • “But she’s aware that being the principal star of the Democrat’s prime time television show has made her the object of near universal hostility from Republican voters,” he argued. “That’s doubly true in her family’s home state of Wyoming, where her defeat in the upcoming August primary has more or less been ensured by Trump’s popularity and conservatives’ hostility to those who seem to think demonizing GOP voters is a viable political strategy.”


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