Kevin Costner Says He Doesn’t Care If People Like Him Or Not

CANNES, FRANCE - JUNE 21:  Kevin Costner speaks during 'A conversation with Kevin Costner from Paramount Network and Yellowstone' during the Cannes Lions Festival 2018 on June 21, 2018 in Cannes, France.  (Photo by Richard Bord/Getty Images for Cannes Lions)

At a glance

  • “Just because you lose doesn’t mean you’re done; it doesn’t mean you’re even wrong,” Costner shared.
  • “I was clear that [Cheney] probably wasn’t going to win her election. But I wanted to let her know, as a citizen, how much I appreciated her brave, clear-headed stance.”
  • “I didn’t really care how the cookie crumbles, that people that liked me now don’t like me,” he added. “That’s OK.”

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