Intel Veteran Knew Hunter Biden Laptop ‘Had To Be Real’ Before Signing Letter

Hunter Biden leaves after President Joe Biden awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to 17 people during a ceremony in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Thursday, July 7, 2022. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

At a glance

  • Then-candidate Joe Biden, the father of Hunter, used the letter to cast doubt on the laptop story during one of his debates with then-President Donald Trump.
  • “The letter said it had the earmarks of Russian deceit and we should consider that as a possibility,” Wise stressed. “It did not say Hunter Biden was a good guy, it didn’t say what he did was right and it wasn’t exculpatory, it was just a cautionary letter.”
  • Wise also said he does not regret signing the letter “because context is important” and noted that the laptop’s “chain of custody” left open the possibility that “Russians or even ill-intended conservative elements could have planted stuff in there.”

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