Gun Stores Forced To Rat Out Those Denied Firearms

Pedro Bueno, owner of a supermarket in Miami, Fla., stops in the Tamiami Gun Store in Miami, on Oct. 1, 1987, after purchasing a handgun and fitting it to a holster on his side. A new concealed gun law went into effect on Oct. 1, 1987 in Florida, permitting citizens to wear a side-arm as long as they have obtained a state permit. A course in the use and handling of firearms is mandatory in order to obtain the permit. Bueno said someone had stolen another gun he owned and that he was wearing it now because state law permitted it. (AP Photo)

At a glance

  • As part of a sweeping change that has gun rights groups alarmed, federally licensed firearms dealers (FFLs) are now required to provide the FBI with the personal addresses of individuals whose attempted purchases were denied.
  • In turn, the FBI must now provide details of the failed transactions — not only those denied but also those just delayed — and the personal information of the rejected individuals to local law enforcement, raising fears of greater government infringement on the Second Amendment.

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