Graham Says Stating The ‘Obvious’ About His ‘Riots in Streets’ Comment

Sen. Lindsey Graham

At a glance

  • Graham said Saturday on CNBC  he was only stating the “obvious” predicting street riots if Justice Department prosecuted Trump over classified documents seized by FBI at his Florida home.
  • “What I tried to do was state the obvious,” ​Graham said. “Here’s what I said, The raid on [former] President Trump’s home, the likely nominee for 2024, better bear some fruit here.”
  • Like other Trump supporter, Graham argues Justice Department in the 2016 presidential race with Trump and Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton investigated Clinton about her handle as secretary of State of emails with sensitive government information but conclude actions careless but couldn’t be prosecuted.
  • “So I said if it’s similar to what happened to Clinton and [Trump] gets prosecuted, it’ll be one of the most disruptive events in America​,” Graham also said.



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