Flying Car Prototypes Are Starting To Take Off

LONDON, UNITED KINDOM - MARCH 30: The McLaren P1, owned by Qatari Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad al Thani. The Qatari sheikh regularly flies a fleet of exotic cars into London every summer, often leaving them parked outside many Hotels, drawing crowds. (Photo by Martyn Lucy/Getty Images)

At a glance

  • Joby’s prototypes have reportedly exceeded 200 mph in airspeed and have an effective range of up to 150 miles, although they would typically be used for trips of around 50 miles.
  • “The eVTOL space is going to fundamentally change how people get to an airport.” Ranjan Goswami, senior vice president of customer experience design at Delta, said. eVTOLs are reportedly create less noise and more environmentally friendly than traditional helicopters. They’re also cheaper to maintain as their engines have fewer moving parts.
  • While the industry is still in its infancy, and there are significant regulatory hurdles left to overcome, many observers are bullish on the sector’s future.

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