Ex-Politician And Pedophile Advocate Dies By ‘Self-Starvation’ In Prison

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At a glance

  • An ex-politician and pedophile advocate has killed himself in jail by self-starvation, The Kansas City Star reports.
  • Nathan Larson, 41, who ran a campaign in Virginia to legalize child pornography, died on September 18, 2022, while he was in an Arizona prison while receiving medical care. He was reportedly an inmate of Fresno County Jail, in California, “when he stopped eating.”
  • He was being held on felony charges for soliciting child pornography and other offenses.
  • On June 21, Larson was diagnosed with COVID-19 and was treated with remdesivir. He continued to have “profound muscular weakness” and later was put a ventilator, which he was weaned off on August 14. His health continued to decline until his death.

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