Ex-NFL Star Dies Suddenly At Age 38

Uche Nwaneri

At a glance

  • Former NFL star Uche Nwaneri has died suddenly at just 38 years old, according to reports.
  • Nwaneri was a former NFL offensive lineman who played seven seasons for the Jacksonville Jaguars. His death was confirmed by the team on Monday.
  • A preliminary investigation determined that the former NFL player died of a possible heart attack. Uche likely died from an “enlarged heart with sudden heart failure,” as stated by the coroner in their preliminary report.
  • In recent months, Nwaneri had become known for his controversial pro-vaccine views. In social media posts, Nwaneri called on the government to introduce “vaccine mandates and vaccine passports.”
  • He blamed COVID-19 deaths on “unvaccinated selfishness” and demanded that authorities “jail anyone who refuses” to get vaccinated.

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