Elon Hints He May Cut $20 Twitter Verification Fee

The 'Chief Twit' is realizing that some high-profile Tweeters don't want their wallets to take a hit!
GRUENHEIDE, GERMANY - AUGUST 13: Tesla CEO Elon Musk talks during a tour of the plant of the future foundry of the Tesla Gigafactory on August 13, 2021 in Grünheide near Berlin, Germany. The US company plans to build around 500,000 of the compact Model 3 and Model Y series here every year. (Photo by Patrick Pleul - Pool/Getty Images)

At a glance

  • Elon Musk indicated that he may drop Twitter’s rumored $20 verification fee during an exchange with author Stephen King on Twitter.
  • Replying to King’s complaints, Musk Tweeted: “We need to pay the bills somehow! We cannot rely solely on advertisers. How about $8?”
  • Musk then alluded to using paid verification to “defeat bots and trolls” before saying he’d elaborate further at a later time.

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