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Despite Concerns, Group Gifts Banned ‘Gender Queer’ Book To Students

Belgium, Brussels, 19 May 2013. Two dressed up gay men pose in the streets of Brussels. About 80,000 participants at the Belgian Pride Parade to celebrate the LGBT

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  • After the controversial LGBT memoir “Gender Queer” was banned from a school in Maine, a local non-profit has announced it will provide free copies of the book to any student in the area who wants one.
  • The Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance (MWPA) is raising money to provide the books to students after Regional School Unit 56 directors voted 7-2 to remove it from Dirigo High School’s library.
  • Written and illustrated by Maia Kobabe, “Gender Queer: A Memoir” follows the author’s journey through adolescence to adulthood while exploring gender identity and sexuality, according to publisher Simon & Schuster. Kobabe uses “e/em/eir” pronouns, which the publisher adheres to on its website.

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