DeSantis 2024 Underway

New PAC Urges Popular Florida Gov To Run

At a glance

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has not confirmed his intentions for a 2024 presidential run, but an independent political action committee has been formed to get the ball rolling.

“Ron to the Rescue,” is the name of the independent political action committee (PAC) being organized by California political strategist John Thomas, a former Trump supporter who has moved his backing to Gov. DeSantis because he says he is “the future of the party.”

“Here’s what I think: I’m glad both men, Donald Trump, and Ron DeSantis are in the Republican Party and have records of accomplishment that people can point to and want to emulate in their own states and people who want to run for office because they are inspired by candidates, by leaders like them who don’t back down, who get things down, who work with volume and velocity,” former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway said. “I would love to see the two of them up on the stage in Georgia with, I don’t know throw Brian Kemp and Mike Pence in there, too.”

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