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Denying Access to Energy: The New Normal?

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  • Whether it’s a hot Colorado summer or a cold United Kingdom winter, the misery of “green” policies becomes an everyday reality as hapless consumers are denied access to energy. When state lawmakers and energy providers choose to increase “renewable” technologies in their energy mix, the inevitable results are grid instability, power shortages, higher prices and a whole lot of blackout-driven chaos.
  • Is this the new normal that the governing elites of our world want us to embrace? Then we must accept the denial of a basic necessity in modern society — affordable and available energy.
  • In Colorado, energy demand peaked on August 30 due to soaring temperatures. The Epoch Times reports that “more than 22,000 Xcel Energy customers in Colorado were greeted with the message ‘energy emergency’ on their smart thermostats, preventing them from reducing the temperature below 78 degrees.”

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