Coyote ‘Rape Trees’ Used To Assault Migrant Girls Dumped On Border: Senators

Sens. Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson Cite Rise In Migrant Rapes

At a glance

  • Report says Mexican coyotes rape women brought to the border as part of their payment.
  • 60% of women, girls crossing into U.S. are raped.
  • “How do you think the young women pay off their 5, 6, 7, 8 thousand dollar human trafficking fee?” asked Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson. “I think we all know,” he said, referring to the “rape tree.”
  • Sen. Ted Cruz: “We heard multiple reports of something, I’ll be candid, I had never heard of before until today — something called a <a href=" tree, which are trees where the traffickers would violently rape young women and then hang their undergarments in the tree as a trophy,” Cruz said on Friday.

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