Climate Activism Groups Have A Cult Problem: Former Member

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 27: 'Just Stop Oil' protesters block the road at the junction of Cannon St and Queen Victoria St on October 27, 2022 in London, England. The environmental activist group has staged a series of guerrilla protests in London in recent weeks. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

At a glance

  • A former member of Extinction Rebellion UK, a climate activism group responsible for numerous recent protests that grabbed international attention, said the organization and its spinoff, Just Stop Oil, are cults in an article in The Free Press.
  • Zion Lights spent 16 years in climate activism, including several years at XR, where she noticed “red flags,” many of which revolved around the group’s charismatic leader, Roger Hallam, she wrote in The Free Press.
  • Hallam predicted imminent societal collapse and widespread violence as a direct result of climate change, and this dire prediction was used to justify rude behavior and extreme protests.
  • Just Stop Oil was behind 2022 protests in which activists glued themselves to a Vincent Van Gogh painting and Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper and threwsoup at another Van Gogh masterpiece.

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