City Treasurer Charged With Stealing $100K For Gambling, Vacations

A Pennsylvania city treasurer has been charged for allegedly having taken over $100,000 of taxpayer money for gambling and travel.
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At a glance

  • The city of Uniontown Treasurer Antoinette Hodge is accused of stealing nearly $107,000 in 2020-2021 while serving as an elected official.
  • The City Council started an investigation in 2021 after a dozen taxpayers were warned of being delinquent in paying, despite having already paid their taxes.
  • The money came from city and school tax revenues, among other sources.
  • Hodge concentrated power of the three-person treasurer’s office into her hands, allowing the theft to go on while a deputy treasurer and a clerk remained unaware.
  • “My Office will investigate and prosecute anyone who abuses their position of power for their own financial gain,” said Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

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