Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Faces Uphill Reelection Battle

Lori Lightfoot

At a glance

  • Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot faces an uphill battle to win reelection, as she must overcome eight challengers in next month’s election, which comes amid a crime problem that has rippled through the county’s third-most populous city.
  • From 2019, when Lightfoot took office, to the end of 2022, crime rose 33% overall. Murders rose 39%, theft increased 37% and motor vehicle theft rose 139%, Chicago Police Department data shows.
  • The election is Feb. 28, and a runoff will be held April 4 if no candidate receives a majority of votes.
  • Lightfoot, the first black woman and gay person to be elected Chicago mayor, finished fourth in the recently published Chicago Index poll, a collaboration between The Daily Line and Crain’s Chicago Business.

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