CBP Hires ‘Suicidologist’ To Address Rising Suicides Among Ranks


At a glance

  • Customs and Border Protection has encountered more than 2 million migrants crossing the southern border over the past year.
  • That record number of crossings has led to morale problems among the CPB rank and file.
  • In 2022, 11 CBP employees died by suicide, according to federal data dating to 2007. The number was the highest in 2009, when there were 14 CBP suicides.
  • CPB has a “suicidologist” to help address poor morale and rising suicides.
  • “This administration continues to crumble what’s left of morale and is taking the U.S. Border Patrol to irreparable levels of destruction,” a Border Patrol agent stationed at the southern border previously told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Standing behind someone has now taken a different meaning. Trust in leadership has been cheapened.”


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