Black Leaders Demand Meeting With MSNBC After Firing Of Host Tiffany Cross

Cross is OUT at MSNBC, and Black leaders want answers!

At a glance

  • Black leaders including NAACP President Derrick Johnson, former ESPN host Jemele Hill, and Color of Change President Rashad Robinson are slamming MSNBC and requesting a meeting with President Rashida Jones after the sudden firing of Cross Connection host Tiffany Cross.
  • In a letter, the group expressed dismay at the “abrupt cancellation of the Cross Connection and the unexpected ouster of its host, just four days before a critical midterm election.”
  • The letter then goes on to blast MSNBC for allowing “Fox News to dictate its hiring and unwarranted firing decisions,” referencing Cross’s repeated conflicts with top-rated Fox host Tucker Carlson.

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