Aretha Franklin Song ‘Natural Woman’ Found Offensive

Standing for Women Founder Kellie-Jay Keen this weekend seemed to be critical of those who are slamming Aretha Franklin’s song "Natural Woman" as being offensive to trans women.

At a glance

  • Keen told Sky News having to ignore the “misogyny” of the trans-rights movement amid the Franklin song issue is “really hard.”
  • “Being a mum – that is also being attacked – we’re now called birthing persons or pregnant persons,” Keen told Sky News Australia. “I don’t think many women really know how much we’re hated. …  I don’t have a victim mentality, but it’s really hard to ignore the misogyny of this particular movement.
  • She also made the more ambiguous statement: “It means a man who says he’s frightened to go in a man’s toilet – his words are more credible than a woman who says she doesn’t want that man in her space.”

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